Hi, I'm Judith

I was born and raised in Israel. Throughout my life I travelled and lived in exotic places such as Africa, South America and Europe. The times spent in each place have allowed the local cultures to influence and become part of me.

Now I am living in Washington state also known as the Evergreen State. I live in a small town surrounded by lakes, forest and mountains.


My background involvement in different cultures of language, art and food propel me to create something artistic which will be unique.

My passion is in creating unique pieces. I never make the same piece more than once. I have a need to experiment with different combinations of color, form and material. The materials and components I work with are beads, crystals, metals, charms and others. 

Having done this for many years, I am continually amazed by the immensity of possibilities created by the multitudes of colors, shapes of beads, gemstones, crystals and the endless number of other materials.

I appreciate your visit in my store. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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Hand-Crafted Jewelry - Made to Stand Out